January 2010

Router Table

Completed rock solid router table

Peter Schlebecker at his sturdy router table design  (Subscription required to view full article)I looked at lots of options. Building legs for a fancy blue Rockler table top. Building the table into my (then nonexistent) table saw outfeed table. Building one that tilts up from the wall. Building a simple table and inserted a fancy lift like those offered by Woodpecker or Rockler.   But most of those ideas where just too advanced or too specialized for me. I needed basic, sturdy table with a simple fence.

I finally opted to go for the design described by J. Peter Schlebecker in his now classic Fine Woodworking article called "Rock-Solid Router Table" from December 2007.  It was built out of cheap materials for a school, so it was intended to be sturdy as hell, and to suffer the bruises of newbies using the hardware. Perfect for me.

It had the added benefit of featuring 1" thick MDF as a substrait and laminate as the table top, both of which I had on-hand. I had had to buy a full sheet of the kelly green laminate to build my hall table project the year before, so I already had laminate and contact cement in the shop. The only downside was that the laminate is a dark color, which isn't ideal for making marks for jig and part locations. But mostly, that has not been a problem.


Monday, June 1, 2009 to Thursday, October 1, 2009

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