Chopsaw Stations - Finished!

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I've now officially finished another project. The chopsaw station is now done. This past Saturday, I sanded the doors, installed the hinges, and attached them to the case. I worked quite a while on the spacing and I have to say that this is probably my best job of spacing doors or drawers in a case yet. They work well. The small frame and 1/4" ply panel make the doors light but strong. I'm going to like having this space to store things in the shop, since I have many things stored right now out on open shelves where they get covered in dust all the time. I'm not going to bother to stain or finish this, as it's already taken me too long, and frankly, I like it the way it is. So, I'm done with this one . . . finally. It took me just over 13 months to do. With a very light sleeper, my son Lucas, going from age 1 to age 2 years and 2 months in that period, I learned to work quietly or in periods where the noise was not going to wake him. As he's gotten older, I'm managing to make more progress on more of my projects, and he's slowly sleeping through more and more extraneous noise around the house. Thank goodness! 

The final work was installing the doors and easing the edges
The final work was installing the doors and easing the edges