Furniture that's Selling - Design Input

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As an input to the design trends discussion, I found this blog posting on the Apartment Therapy website. It's a take on the 'top 100 US Furniture stores by sales' story that was evidently posted as a Furniture Today article. This is about 2 years old, but it seems a valid source of info for what furniture is selling and by whom.  I think I'm going to look over a few of the web sites for these 'top 100' retailers and see what wooden pieces their promoting today. 

Top 100 Furniture Stores in the US by Apartment Therapy


Just after a very quick perusal of a couple sites, the dominant trends I see can be boiled down to three: I'd call them Apple Store/Scandanavian simplicity,  Rustic/Reclaimed lumber (mostly fake), and things painted white (i.e. French provincial, New England colonial, etc.)