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After I decided to simplify the case, it was just a matter of picking the materials, cutting and fitting them to size. I used some ½" birch ply I had left over from another project to create the shelves. I thought about installing edging to hide the plys, but again, I need to finish this and I need to stop taking so long with my shop furniture projects.  The shelves rest on ply guides on the left and right sides, and are screwed down into these supports.

Next up, I just need to build a couple of doors and mount them to keep the dust out. I think I'll do simple panel insert doors using poplar rails and stiles, and a simple birch ply panel, sort of like the front door covers on the tool cabinet project.  I'm hoping (HOPING) to finish this whole project by next weekend. At the beginning of this summer, I had 10 projects open . . . that is started and laying around waiting for me to finish them.  This was distracting and it was preventing me from making good progress on any of them. Since then, I've managed to finish six of them, so I just have four left. Unfortunately, they are my four large projects: this chopsaw station, my Roubo workbench, my wife's jewelry cabinet, and finishing the tool holding fixtures for my tool cabinet. The more impressive feat over that time was that I also managed to NOT start any new projects. I've basically been stuck with too many things being worked for over a year now, and it's killing me. But I'm slowly working my way out of the hole and hope to have my plate cleared by this Fall sometime.  (Here's hoping.)

Shelves added to the case
Shelves added to the case