Jewelry Armoire - Finally took the plunge, glue-up

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Jewelry case assembly glued and in clamps (the final clamp arrangement changed slightly from this photo)On the jewelry cabinet project, I've been staring out a pile of parts for about a month now, trying to get the sanding done before I take the big step of gluing the case assembly. I finally finished sanding the case parts to my satisfaction this past Sunday, and glued the case up Sunday night. I opted to sand rather than trying to finish plane my case for two reasons.

  1. I'm still not very confident in my final planing proficiency to trust a good piece to it
  2. The quarter sawn sycamore is VERY prone to tear out, as I've discovered. So sanding seems like the safer choice.

That said, I've sanded all the case parts to 220, and then glued the case together. This presented a certain stress halfway through, when I realized that I do not, in fact, own enough long clamps to clamp all four corners of a case assembly. I ended up clamping the two sides in the middle using my two long pipe clamps, and used shorter clamps across the assembly to reinforce the side-to-side structure, although little force was needed here, since the top and bottom case pieces are attached with through tenons which do tend to prevent outward motion of the sides. :-) I did manage to verify the squareness of the assembly before the glue set, although only barely before it set.

Next up? I'm going to attach the legs and start work on the drawers.  Also, I've had a request from a kind reader for the design in a PDF file. It is available as a download from the project page as a Sketchup model and a cutlist, but I suspect fewer people are downloading Sketchup now that it is owned by Trimble. There's a bit of a 'nagware' aspect to the license and download now that was never there when it was a Google product. Anyway, I have no problem providing the design as a PDF, as long as people are patient. I'll put the original design up in a day or two, and I hope to tweak the cutlist and design slightly to reflect how it's actually come together, but that will probably take a couple weeks to get posted.