Laid off by Peek Traffic

  • Posted on: 31 January 2012
  • By: Jay Oyster

Well, just shy of 10 years on the job, I was just laid off by Peek Traffic today. I guess I was too expensive for the Mexican owners of the firm to stomach paying my American salary anymore.  Plus I once questioned the wisdom when they laid off Debrah Bortnick about a year ago. She was our front desk receptionist and answered the phones. She knew every person, by appearance and by voice, in the entire traffic control industry. And they laid her off after 28 years with the company.  Mostly because they're a bunch of heartless bastards. 

So, now maybe I'll have time to post about some of my other woodworking projects.  (But maybe not . . .I'll be desperately looking for work now.)

Christ, this has been *such* a wonderful year. Mom failing all last year, finally leading to her death in November. And now neither Adriana nor I are working.  

Edit: Follow up note: I ended up finding work in Atlanta, GA (Yes, I moved to find work) at the end of April 2012.