Logo Design for a Demanding Customer

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Red lotus logo elementI've done logos for a variety of people over the years, but it's always been a casual thing. Mostly they come to me because they don't want to pay a real graphic artist to come up with something.  The latest one is for my wife's burgeoning custom jewelry business. She needs a logo for her business cards, website, one sheets, etc. She presented me with a design of a tatoo that she saw and liked. She said she wanted it incorporated, but in red. Well, knowing her, I knew that red meant *blood* red.  She really seems to respond to that dark wine red color.  So I took the rough sketch of the design and scanned it into Inkscape, then recreated the design as a vector illustration, and played around with it in a logo design. 

I've tried all kinds of things in the past with company and product logos, but the thing I've learned is to keep it simple whenever possible. It makes later reproduction easier, and it makes it easier to read when shrunk to the various sizes it'll need to inhabit.  This one was also defined by the fact that I needed to do it quickly, so I wasn't going to rethink it, just lay out something and see if the customer liked it. She seems to love it, so the 'demanding' part of my title isn't true. She was pretty easy to deal with . . . this time.

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