Reflections on the End of 2012

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2012 was a pretty difficult year for me. I suppose 'challenging' is the more diplomatic way to state it. I've become so much more careful of what I say to people as a result of this past year. I look around me at the life I lead, and compare it to what it was one year ago, and I think, "Who would have guessed?" I'm in a different state, both literally and figuratively. But thanks mostly to my awesome wife, we are stable and happy. The boys are both doing well, for which I am eternally grateful. And Holly and Patti have been rocks in dealing with the fallout of our losing Mom a year ago November. 

Thanks to you three, in particular, as I reach my 46th birthday. I am happy with where life is right now, despite all of the recent complications. I work very hard these days to keep that truth close to my heart at all times. And now, one week from starting another new job, I think the future is brighter each day. We will weather the uncertainties of the world by depending upon one another, no matter what our 'leaders' do manage (or not) to accomplish today, and throughout 2013. 

I'm glad that in my personal life, there were no great losses this past year. After losing Mom and Aunt Gerry in 2011, we needed a year like this. On the other hand, as you expect every year as we march through history, the world lost some greats that will be missed, like Neil Armstrong, Ray Bradbury, Norah Ephron, Whitney Houston, Dave Brubeck, and Norman Schwartzkopf. No comment on Art Modell. But I was particularly struck by the loss of two World War II vets turned actors, both on December 24th. Jack Klugman and Charles Durning both lived through the war, and went on to have great lives of around 90 years, and their offscreen work was as great (or more so) than their professional work. Who could wish for more? Seeing such examples of lives lived through (and despite) great adversity almost forces one to drift toward making resolutions . . .