Update to Core7.61 and DNS fix

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Numerous problems with the site recently:

1) Unable to get to the site. Going to some random Order Things website. Chatted with WebHostingHub (45 minutes in the queue!) and they finally agreed that there was a problem. DNS entry was not propogating correctly. They said they would fix and that it was now propogating. I checked after about 12 hours and it seems to work from all locations.

2) Updated Drupal Core to v7.61.  This covers for the October serious security bug, which I wasn't really exposed to, I think, due to the severely locked down nature of my instance. However, past security issues might have still been possible, so I updated.

3) Also updated the following modules:

  • Lightbox2
  • Advanced Help (to 7.x-1.5)
  • File Entity (to 7.x-2.25)
  • Google Analytics (to7.x-2.5)
  • Libraries API (7.x-2.5)  (did database update)
  • Media (7.x-2.21)
  • Adaptive Theme (7.x - 3.4) downloaded, but needed additional steps, which I opted not to do at this time, so I'm still at 3.1)