Small jewelry box with walnut burl veneered top


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Jan 15 2010

Finished project?: 

Jewelry box in cherry, maple, and walnut veneer
Jewelry box in cherry, maple, and walnut veneer

Work History: 

Until I finish Adriana's jewelry armoire, I needed to give her something to keep her nicer pieces in. So I made her this small jewelry box. First attempt at using shellac and first attempt at creating red velvet drawer inserts. 

Design Notes: 

The design was a box design I found somewhere, just stretched to suit the materials I had. I had a long narrow piece of cherry I wanted to use for this. I wanted to try the sawblade keys on the mitered corners.  This is a couple pieces of veneer that Adriana bought me in a pack as a birthday present, Christmas 2009. 


The piece looked great before I finished it. I screwed it up with the finish. I evidently didn't thin the shellac enough, and I also went with the amber. I should have used the blond. The top and inside look OK, but the sidewalls don't look great, to my eye. The cherry and maple contrast on the sides are just buried by the orange finish. At some point, probably after I finish Adriana's armoire, I'll take this back, strip it, and redo the finish.