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It's a Thing podcastI was listening to Leo Laporte's weekly tech podcast "This Week in Tech" this past Sunday, when Molly Wood mentioned that she and Tom Merritt are getting the band back together. I loved them (along with Veronica Belmont) back in the Cnet 'Buzz Out Loud' days. The podcast they're doing now is called 'It's a Thing', which is I gather a reference to something in the NetFlix show 'House of Cards'. But the concept sounds great! Especially the idea of hearing the latest 'thing' going around in pop culture or on the internet, and hearing these two ascerbic wits either tearing it apart, or decidng that YES, indeed, "That *is* a thing."

  • It's a Thing Podcast with MOLLY wood and TOM merritt (Hey, that seems to be the way they want them spelled.)

The embarrassing thing is that there seems to be ANOTHER "It's a Thing" podcast, which is the one to which I originally linked. That one is here, and seems to be run by a pair of radio hosts, and is hosted on Gas Lantern Media's website: