Finished door hardware, Primed the Roof

  • Posted on: 6 April 2016
  • By: Jay Oyster
Parent Project: 

Installed knobs and latch hardware on the small side doorsGot a bit more done on the aviary tonight. I bought the basic door hardware from the big box hardware store last weekend and finished installing it today. The hinges I had on already, but I've now installed the door latches, the door handles, and the knobs on the little doors. These knobs were actually in a box in the house we had in Florida. That home had been built by the builder of the development, and I found a box of about a hundred white ceramic knobs and mounting screws. I've used the heck out of those knobs over the years. I've only got a few left. Here I mounted two on the little side doors of Adriana's aviary. 

Prepped roof panels primed and drying on my outfeed table. I painted them outside and brought them in to dry when it threatened to rain. These will be green.Oh, and I cut, sanded and primed the two pieces of ¼" plywood for the roof. These are going to be a rich green color. (You should ask me some time why I use rich browns and deep greens in many of my projects. You really should.) 





That's all for tonight.

I love it when a plan comes together. Smooth moving doors all around.