Reverted to Drupal 7.41

Jay Oyster's picture

Two weeks ago, I updated the site to the latest version of Drupal. v7.43. This caused all kinds of problems with uploads. I gather that the 7.43 release was all about vulnerabilities around the Files module. There were so many problems, I did a major revert and went back to 7.41. The only things still broken at this point is that module updates will not work. When the system tries to retrieve the file, I get an error. I think wherever it's trying to save the file, Drupal doesn't have write access, and I can't figure out where that is. Updates to modules still work as long as I upload the files manually via FTP. I'm hoping that there will be a 7.44 release soon so I can try to fix this. Otherwise, I think I may need to migrate the whole system to v8 and rebuild functionality I break in the process. Not fun.