Frame for Goodwill Picture

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Dec 25 2013 to Jan 02 2014
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Frame for the Goodwill picture, used as New Years' Eve prop
Work History: 

This was a quick project I took on just after Christmas. My sister-in-law bought her parents a picture in a frame at the local Goodwill shop. (She's a bargain hunter.) But after giving it to them, they discovered that the frame itself was broken. I tried to repair it, but it turned out to be a form of dense foam, veneered with wood-like laminate. But the assembly hardware is clearly for a wooden frame.  The hardware ended up splitting the foam. Nothing I tried would hold. So I told them I'd just build them a replacement frame.

It was the two weeks I had taken off over the holidays, so I could actually spend some time in the shop. I found some pieces of front yard silver maple wood, and built almost an exact replica of the original frame.  Unfortunately, I ended up giving them the frame, and they were off, home, to Florida before I could grab a picture. The only pic I have of the finished frame was when my SiL used it as a New Years Eve prop. She wrapped with lights and had people hold up the frame and everyone could take a New Years picture of them. This is my in-laws holding up the frame. (They'd kill me if they knew I posted this.)


Design Notes: 

Simple miter cut frame, glued at the corners and stapled across the miter.  Table saw to cut the rear rabbet for the picture. Three passes over the router table to cut a large diameter outer curve, a slightly smaller diameter inner profile, and a small front groove as decoration. Sanded and painted with a warm brown paint.


It looked pretty much like the original, only, you know, made out of real wood. Real 100 year old wood from the family farm. So . . . I got points. ;-)