Saw Sharpening Vise


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Jun 01 2010 to Dec 14 2010

Finished project?: 

Simple saw vice for holding saws for sharpening
Simple saw vice for holding saws for sharpening

Work History: 

After watching a video of Thomas Lie-Nielsen sharpening a panel saw, I decided I needed to learn the skill. This is especially true since I have three old panel saws I inherited from my father that really need some TLC. 

I've actually completed the basic vise, which is just a pair of square boards glued to a couple pieces of hardboard. The whole thing is intended to be held in the front vise of your workbench. Well, since I started this project several years ago, and I've since gotten rid of the crappy workbench I had then, AND I've yet to finish my own Roubo bench, I have a saw vise with no vise to clamp it into.  Oh well, at least I did go ahead and order the triangular files for sharpening a saw. These are from LIe-Nielsen.  (I also ordered a couple of small file handles to go with them, since I still haven't tried turning my own handles yet.