A place to link my various shop and home webcams

9/1/2023 - Updated and fixed the camera links. Moved some camera feeds around, in and out of this page. Also added some historical shop photos I had lying around on my servers at the bottom of the page.   (Page auto-updates every 5 minutes.)

Cam 2 - Shop Cam - West


Cam 4 -Shop Cam - East
Shop Camera - East End

Cam 3 - Weather in Alpharetta, GA

Cam 5 - Deck and Backyard
Basement Room



Historical Shop Photos

9/25/2011 - Shop in the Garage - Sarasota, Florida
9/25/2011 - My first shop was in the garage in our house in Sarasota, Florida.
6/18/2014 - Shop in Basement Shop #1 - Roswell, Georgia
6/18/2014 -After moving to Roswell, Georgia, my shop moved to the basement of our first rental house
6/21/2015 - Basement Shop #2 in Roswell Georgia - Small, but he house was on a steep hill, so it had a great window.
6/21/2015 - My third shop was in the basement of our second rental home in Roswell, Georgia. This one had a fabulous basement window, since the house was on the edge of a steep hill.
10/11/2015  - Basement Shop #2 - Roswell, Georgia
10/11/2015  - This basement shop in Roswell was very compact, but the lighting was excellent.
2/21/2016 - Building the Roubo workbench in Basement Shop #2
2/21/2016 - Building my Roubo workbench in the Roswell basement shop #2
7/8/2017 - Basement Shop #3 -  Alpharetta, Georgia -  First configuration
7/8/2017 - Third basement shop in Georgia after we bought a house in Alpharetta
10/8/2017 - Shop in the Basement #3 Again - Alpharetta, Georgia
10/8/2017 - The newly assembled Roubo workbench in the Alpharetta basement shop - plain walls at the beginning
12/5/2017 - A rare Georgia snowfall in the front yard of our Alpharetta home, December 2017
12/5/2017 -Front yard of our Alpharetta home in a rare Georgia snow - December 2017
12/28/2017 - Second configuration for basement shop #3
12/28/2017 - Second configuration in the Georgia basement shop #3
8/31/2023 - Lengthwise view of the third configuration of basement shop #3
8/31/2023 - Lengthwise view of the third arrangement of basement shop #3