Hall Table

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Feb 01 2008 to Apr 15 2009
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Hall table in the entry way of our house
Work History: 

My first piece of custom-designed furniture. A hall table with two drawers, mortise and tenon of aprons into square legs tapered on two sides. Body and legs are hard maple. Top is a center section made of forest green laminate over baltic birch plywood, with mitered cherry edge pieces fit on tongue and groove joints to the plywood. The corners of the cheery miters are strenghened with maple butterfly keys.  The finish is boiled linseed oil followed by wipe on polyurethane.
Two many first to count in this project. First drawers. First handcut dovetails. First tapered legs. First effort working with plastic laminate. others.
It now sits in the entrance way of our home in Sarasota.