Opinions on Various and Disparate Topics of Interest to Some or Few

These are the pages where I write non-fiction about topics other than woodworking:

  • Art and Aesthetics -- Painting, architecture, kinetic sculpture, graphic design
  • Electronics and Software Development -- I like to dabble in electronics and software writing. Nothing too serious. Things like arduino, scripting, application macros, elementary robotics, etc.
  • Family and Geneology -- Family history and of course my own, wonderful nuclear family. (Aside: Is there a Nuclear Family Regulatory Commission? In the case of some families I've run across, there ought to be.)
  • Food -- Occasionally I like to cook and bake. Recipes, tools, and techniques. I probably won't post much.
  • Gardening -- I'm the son of a farmer. It's still in there somewhere. I enjoy gardening, when I can find the time.
  • History -- If we don't learn the lessons of history, how can we teach them to our students?
  • Investing & Money -- I have theories. I have no standing. But this is America, where you don't need standing to have theories. Just ask Donald Trump.
  • Politics -- I'm an anti-conservative, which is a fun thing to be in Georgia, especially among Georgia woodworkers. I usually don't write about it much, but when I do, this is where it can be found.
  • Pop Culture -- I have been at various times been obsessed with movies, TV shows, pop music, mystery novels, internet trends, and many of the other minutia of modern 'culture'
  • Reviews -- My assessments of various products and services, from books I've read, movies I've watched, to restaurants and museums.
  • Science and Space -- I studied physics as an undergraduate. I love NASA and all things rocketry and space exploration.
  • Tech Industry -- I'm a general technologist, and love to watch the soap opera of this industry
  • Trees and Dendrology -- The study and appreciation of trees
  • Words and Language -- I've endeavored to be a Rennaissance man, but my true nature probably lies more with letters than sciences. This is where I post stuff about how words are used and how the English language is evolving.