Installed wheels, cut parts for wing back walls

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Finally got back to the chopsaw station in early May. I finally took the time to install the wheels on the base cabinet. I had bought wheels at Harbor Freight last Fall, and I figured it would only take me a half an hour to install them. Wouldn't you know, it ended up taking me almost two hours, as I had to install spacers to get the height right and other fiddly bits.   The first time I pushed the locking lever on the pair of locking swivel wheels, one of them 'latched' onto the side of the case and I couldn't get it to release. I ended up using a hack saw to cut off the tip of the blue plastic lever so it would clear the case side. (When installing the wheels on the case upside down, it cleared just fine.)

I also cut the 3/4" birch ply parts to make a pair of wing rear guides. I also bought a pair of 3' long T-tracks to install into grooves in these guides. I'm going to rabbet a base onto the vertical part, and then screw the whole structure into the top of the station's wings. It'll be nice to have locking stop blocks on both sides of the blade.  I think I'll also use a short piece of T-track I have left over from an old project to make a place where I can store the stop blocks on the side of the case when not in use.