Plant Gravel tray in Applewood

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Aug 20 2009 to Sep 04 2009
Finished project?: 
Gravel tray for watering plants, apple wood
Work History: 

This project was a quick and simple one that fulfilled a basic need. I needed something I could put in my office where I could water plants. So I built a simple box with applewood sides and a plywood base, lined with plastic. It turned out to be one of my more attractive completed projects. 

Design Notes: 

In 2009, I drove up to my parents' farm in Ohio and salvaged a bunch of lumber out of their old dairy barn. One of the more interesting finds were a couple of planks of apple wood. We had a few apple trees on the farm when I was a boy. Before I was born, my father and grandfather actually milled wood on the farm using a tractor with a belt drive and a large spinning blade (a la "The Waltons"). I'm fairly certain that this lumber was cut by them. I still have a couple pieces that I'm hoarding for some good use.