Adri's Cabinet - Finally fit the webframe

  • Posted on: 10 June 2013
  • By: Jay Oyster
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Webframe dry fit into Adri's cabinet  (Links to Adri's Cabinet gallery)After several weeks of cutting the mortise and tenon joints on the nine web frame drawer divders for Adriana's cabinet, I finally dry fit the whole thing to the case to see how it all works. It took some planing and tweaking to fit each one, but they're finally installed. This is still just a dry fit, I haven't glued anything on this piece yet.  Part of that is just prudence, but the other part is simply fear. When I designed this piece, I didn't thinkit all the way through to detail and decoration, so the second I glue it all up, I'm locking myself out from any more changes. 

I think I'm pretty much finished designing, if I can finalize my thoughts on decorative details on the legs. Mostly, I'm going to keep it simple, but the square legs from floor to cabinet top seem a bit monolithic. I'm thinking of a small chamfer on the outer corners of the legs, ending about 2" from the top of each leg, with a lamb's tongue detail carved in each. The only other detail I need to decide upon is how to finish the chamfer at the bottom. I'm going to give the legs socks of cherry with a fine line of holly  up about 2" on each leg, but I don't think I want to run the chamfer into this 'sock' decoration. I want to run a quick model of the design in Sketchup showing this design feature, with the chamfer ending, again with a lamb's tongue detail, about 2 or 3" above the top of the sock. Once I decide on that, I'll disassemble the whole dry fit structure.

This is a milestone on a very slowly progressing project. I don't think I can delay any longer, I need to start glueing it all together. I just need to route the edge of the subtop. and finish the leg details before sanding or finish planing the parts, and then final assembly of the case will commence.  Yes, I know, I'm too deliberate . . . that's why it takes me so long to finish these things.  


Adri's Cabinet: Final dry fit of the cabinet case, with web frame installed