Cabinet up in the new shop

  • Posted on: 21 August 2015
  • By: Jay Oyster
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I managed to put the hanging wall cabinet up in my Roswell shop #2 last winter, but I've not had much opportunity to use it this year. Still, I've managed to slowly put it back together with the tools and started, finally, working on some more tool holders. In particular, I've got a new Lie Nielson carcase backsaw that needs a home, along with my old Veritas black powder spine dovetail saw. 

I had to do much of the heavy lifting of the move myself, and getting this thing up on the wall without help was quite a challenge. I think I dinged up the bottom of the case a bit moving it around from the garage down to the lower basement. Structurally, it's still fine, although the doors are sagging a bit after several years of life. Those piano wire hinges are quite strong, but even without all of the tools planned hung in the doors, the doors are quite heavy, particularly when closed. I think I'm going to mount a support block with a low-friction slide plate on top just under the top of the doors, mounted on the inside of the case. This should help support the doors while closed and help the latch magnets engage and hold them closed.

I had ordered some brass drawer label holders last year and they came. They're around the shop somewhere. As with any move, the challenge has been to find everything again. Getting the cabinet up and in order is actually part of my process of finally getting my woodworking back in business. I hope to have updates on this in the near future.

Tool cabinet up and being used in Roswell shop #2