Finalized all 22 pendants for the show

  • Posted on: 8 May 2013
  • By: Jay Oyster
Parent Project: 

Pendant 2-06, Teardrop in African mahoganyI put four coats of spray gloss polyurethane to the pendants (with a final 400 grit light sanding before the final coat.) Glued on some stainless bails that Adriana had (Thank you, Baby!) Took some photos so I have a record of what I made now that I'm hoping to sell them this weekend, and if they don't go there, I'll add them to Adri's Etsy store.  I'm proud of the way these turned out. It emphasizes one of the main reasons I woodwork, I love the appearance of the material. I think that wood, when treated well, is more beautiful than cut gemstones. That's the main reason why I do these little pieces. 

Seafan in Maple and cherryAlthough the photos don't really do them justice, the chatoyance (the 'shimmer') of the African Mahogany and the maple in these things when viewed up close is just gorgeous.  The seafan carved piece is the signature piece of this series, but the African mahogany teardrops came out amazing looking considering how simple the design.  The applewood ovals with the oak and cherry dowels piercing them also turned out really nicely.

Pendant 2-14 in applewood, cherry and red oakI've added photos of the rest of this series to the Spring 2013 Pendants project gallery.

Seafan pendant in cherry and sycamore, 2" x 3"