Recent Outage

  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Jay Oyster

What a tangled web we weave when first we suffer to . . . blog?My site here had a rough patch the last few days. I attempted an update to the content management system, which caused problems. But then backing out of that update caused the whole site to go down. I should know, working in IT, to depend on things going well when you upgrade. Luckily, I do have good backups. And we're back up and running now. 

These shenanigans have prevented me from posting a bunch of updates recently. For a change, I'm doing a lot of work in the shop and I have lots of thoughts on topics I want to talk about here. I'm designing and building an aviary to hold finches for my wife's new bird-keeping hobby. We're in the process of hunting for a house, which frankly, has given me lots of insight into the U.S. mortgage lending industry. It's not pretty, folks.  Oh, and  my workbench project continues to make progress. I'll post updates here as I have time.  (Time is always short, but especially now as I try to stand up an asset management system at work. Fun.)

The only good thing to say about such difficulties is that you certainly come out learning how to use your tools much better. I have a better visibility into my CMS, my account management environment, the web-based interface tools for my hosting service, and the benefits of keeping good backups. It was scary there for two days. I honestly came close to scrapping the whole site and starting over. Thankfully, I ended up not losing anything.