Chopsaw Station - Added top drawers

  • Posted on: 10 June 2013
  • By: Jay Oyster
Parent Project: 

Well, I'm really working on Adriana's cabinet right now, so everything else has taken a backseat. But I did manage to create the two small drawers for the chopsaw station this past week. Nothing fancy, just birch ply face and 1/2" ply wides and back, and an 1/8" ply bottom. All rabbet jointed using the table saw.  The right drawer is actually so closely fitted it really does have a piston effect on the air inside.  I may need to drill a hole to let the air out when I'm closing it.  (Nice! :-)

I did manage to cut some of the parts for the other four drawers for the case bottom as well, but that's probably going to take some time to get to. I've already got the full-extension hardware for the drawers, but I need to lay out the drawer heights, which I had just planned on doing based on the materials I have in the shop. It looks as if I'll do a pair of 5" high drawers at the top of the case, and then a pair of 9" high drawers below that. And then I'll probably just put a couple of doors on the bottom 12" or so of case area.  I just want to keep some of the dust out, if possible.

Small drawers fitted into the top of the chopsaw station