Wall hanging tool cabinet

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Sep 15 2011
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Tool cabinet after new facade was installed in Dec 2012
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Wall hanging tool cabinet based on a design in issue #188 of Fine Woodworking magazine by Jan Zoltowski.

The outer case has been finished since January 2012, but as is not often mentioned, 90% of the work on one of these cabinets is the time required to mount all of the tools inside. I suspect it will take me several years to get it all done.

Update 08/20/2015 -- The cabinet is now hung in my second shop in Roswell. It's been up for several months, but our sudden and rushed move last Summer was rather hard on my cabinet here. Additional details on new work planned on this cabinet in a project update.

I've planned to mount the following items in this cabinet, and have only finished the ones indicated below:

Combination squares - DONE

Boggs spokeshave - DONE

Stanley No 4 plane - DONE

Small LN Block plane - DONE

No.8 plane - DONE

No 5 plane - DONE

Lie Nielsen Rabbet Block Plane - DONE

Rulers - DONE

Pens and Pencils - DONE

Marking knife - DONE

Large Dividers - DONE

Chisels - DONE

Saddle squares and dovetail gauges - DONE

Mortise chisel set - DONE

Cabinet Scrapers - DONE

Dowel plate - DONE

Dovetail and carcase saws

Router plane

Small plough plane

Blue Spruce carving mallet - DONE, 3/13/2014

Hammers (warrington, dead blow, carving) - DONE, 3/13/2014

Drawer label holders

Brace and bits


Drill bits (centering, countersink, etc.) - Currently stored horizontally in two of the bottom drawers

Forstner bits


Compasses - Two mounted, one more to go

And about 20 other small tools